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Optimize your workflow with the power of AI

Our Jira applications hone focus, fuel progress and crush deadlines.

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Our Mission

To turn good habits into great ones.

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10x Productivity

Build intuitive tools that supercharge productivity, learning, and personal growth.

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Transform Businesses

Empower teams to communicate effectively and deliver top-notch products.

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Liberate From the Mundane

Minimize minutiae and preserve your valuable time.

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Hyperfocus on AI

Pioneer a quantum leap in workplace productivity.

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Integrate with Major Platforms

Streamline work processes and boost productivity by integrating Jira, Slack, and Google Docs.

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Prioritize Your Privacy

We are committed to protecting your data through rigorous privacy and security measures.

What's on the Horizon

Here's a glimpse of what's to come

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Google Workspace Integration

We are making G Suite apps that revolutionize the way you collaborate.

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Slack Integration

Stay tuned for apps that enhance teamwork via intelligent Slack and Jira integration.

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